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Jen: I am thankful to my tutors because I could enjoy studying IELTS. I was an ESL student for 2 months (before I took IELTS). I am very happy that I have a better command of the English language now because of it.

To. Robert
2019.12.17 17:00

Brenda: Before entering this TOEIC guarantee program, I never thought that I could reach the level of English skills I have now, for just studying TOEIC for 7 weeks. Therefore, I really highly recommend this guaranteed program to people who have difficulty with English especially in TOEIC.

To. Andy
2019.12.17 11:00

Mike: I am really satisfied with the TOEIC program and curriculum and I’m sure that my score and skills have improved. My previous score for an official test in Korea was 500, but my score has increased every month (100 point per month). Finally, I reached 800 score.

To. Brex
2019.12.17 15:00